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Design features of computer game table

A computer game table is a specialized table that is designed specifically for use with computers and gaming equipment. It typically includes features such as built-in keyboard trays, monitor stands, and cable management systems to make it easy to set up and use multiple gaming devices. An ordinary table, on the other hand, is not specifically designed for use with computers or gaming equipment and may not have these specialized features.

Computer game tables typically feature a large, flat surface for displaying and interacting with a computer monitor or television screen. They may also have built-in speakers and other audio equipment for immersive gaming experiences. Some tables may also include features such as built-in lighting, multiple USB ports and charging stations, and specialized compartments or holders for gaming controllers and other accessories. They can be designed with different materials, like wood, metal, glass etc. Some computer game tables may also include adjustable height settings, allowing users to customize the table to their preferred gaming position.

Professional Z-Shaped PC Computer Desk , Modern Simple Style Writing Desk HJ003


Design Features               

  • PB BOARD 18MM              
  • Carbon fiber melamine sticker   
  • Sticker with logo design
  • Without game handle holder,if needed,extra cost is $2.0
Net wt
Gross wt
Loadability 1X 40'HQ 623PCS
Note  Price based on 1 full 40'HQ /each stye, if less than that price will have to be adjusted a little higher