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Gaming chair design: ergonomics are the foundation

Gaming chairs and office chairs are very different in design. Office chairs are mostly short seats, low backrests, and fixed armrests. Not too concerned about ergonomics and sedentary comfort. However, gaming chairs need to start from the most basic ergonomic design, and continue to make breakthroughs to continuously improve the overall comfort. The essence of racing chairs is used in each different type of gaming chairs, such as the special imitation leather for racing chairs. , special cold foam sponge for racing chairs, color matching of racing chairs, etc., so that different products can satisfy different players.
02 Composition of gaming chairs: each component determines the experience of using the chair
The gaming chair contains a lot of parts, from bottom to top: casters, five-star feet, gas sticks, gas stick protective cover, chassis, seat, armrest, seat back seat connecting bracket, seat back, lumbar pillow, headrest .
Among them, the air bar is the most important part of the entire gaming chair, because the quality of the air bar not only affects whether the seat can be adjusted normally, but also affects the health of every player. If the inert gas in the gas stick is not pure, or the material of the gas stick is not strong enough, it may cause an explosion and cause unnecessary damage. At present, the quality of air pressure rods on the market is uneven, and the cost of a pneumatic rod varies from a few yuan to several hundred yuan. Products that cut corners may have no problem in a short time, but hidden dangers have always existed. If you choose the BIFMA-certified SGS 4-star gas bar, you can sit more at ease.
There are many materials for the seat, such as leather, cotton and linen, flannel, mesh, etc. The sponge filled inside is also divided into two types: recycled cotton and new cotton, and the higher the hardness and thicker, the higher the cost. In addition to the difference between hard materials and soft materials, there are also big differences between soft materials, such as the fabric on the seat surface and the inner padding, which seem clean and soft, but they are likely to contain formaldehyde. If you are in an environment where formaldehyde exceeds the standard for a long time, it will not only have a certain impact on the respiratory tract, but also have the possibility of causing cancer.
The armrest is also an important accessory that can reflect the comfort of the gaming chair. The external material, internal frame, and angle adjustment all determine its comfort. In addition, the five-star foot plays a role in carrying the weight of the human body. If the wall of the metal five-star foot is made thinner in order to save costs, or the five-star foot with poor strength is used, it will easily break during daily use. cause unnecessary falls.