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Swivel Gaming Chair From Hangzhou Rising Industry

Up your game and elevate your style with this ultra-soft swivel gaming chair. With a contoured, flat-front design and sleek, high-backed ergonomic model, this conveniently cushioned swivel gaming chair is all about accommodating your body's natural curves and positioning your feet on the ground for optimal game play. A swivel mechanism lets you adjust the tilt of the seat to steer the chair back to its original position when not in use. You can also bring it back upright for use as a recliner when the mood calls for it. If your job calls for standing for long periods of time, or if you enjoy standing while playing computer games, the swiveling mechanism allows you to remain properly positioned while keeping your feet firmly on the floor.
The Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Armrest is made from durable materials like Memory Foam and specifically designed to support your back and natural curves. Its contoured front panel fits perfectly with your chair, while a sturdy steel frame ensures stability and long-lasting durability. The armrest is fully adjustable, so you can adjust to accommodate more or less weight. Its padded foot rests are firm, and the arms are fully Lumbar Support, ensuring optimum support for your neck and upper back. This swivel gaming chair is available with a warranty for unlimited usage.
This swivel gaming chair features a variety of options for customization. Two shoulder pads are included, along with an optional heavy duty base. A deluxe ergonomic base with an adjustable, pre-drilled cushioning system is available with the chair. This deluxe base includes foam padding, a fabric-lined steel frame, and detailed design details. A variety of color schemes and fabric choices are available.
For even greater customization, a variety of prints and colors are available. Custom colors include classic black and neutral beiges. The chair comes in either a solid black finish or an "odontically" finished wood frame. For even greater customization, the manufacturer allows customers to add in additional fabric pieces and customize the upholstery. Customers can choose a pre-designed cushion and fabric pattern, or they can choose to add a custom quote or image.
Two additional options for customization are available from this manufacturer. Two color schemes are available: "Glow" and "Rumble." The Glow option provides a bright pop of color, perfect for games like soccer, basketball and tennis. The "Rumble" option offers deep, rich reds and oranges, perfect for a sports-themed room. To really tie-in your home decor, the manufacturer allows customers to choose from a wide range of throw rugs and pillows. They even offer a matching Ottoman.
Swivel chairs come standard in black, cherry and a selection of colors. Some models are equipped with built-in stereo sound players, while others do not. For added features, the manufacturer offers a variety of foot rests and cup holders.
The Swivel gaming chair has an adjustable seat height and seat tilt. The armrests swivel up and down, providing the best gaming chair experience. Arm extensions also allow for an extension of the arm, perfect for watching tv. A built-in media player provides hours of entertainment, right at home. The backrest swivels up and down, providing optimized viewing comfort. For added comfort, the manufacturer provides a removable memory foam pad that conforms to your lower back.
The Swivel recliner by Hangzhou Rising Industry is designed for ultimate comfort. Constructed of heavy duty aluminum, the Swivel recliner offers a sturdy construction. The fully enclosed foot rest offers a firm comfortable seat for watching TV and reading. The thickly padded backrest and footrest, as well as the fully adjustable leg rest for added support, provide optimal comfort and support. The built-in speaker and dual headphone jacks add to the pleasure of this fully padded Swivel recliner.